A recent document in an on line IT magazine comparing Avast and Kaspersky anti-virus programs was a rather interesting article, which brought some good discussion back to an point of view that doesn’t obtain a lot of press. The main debate seems to be that both applications are effective at removing spy ware but that Avast is way better for travelers and Kaspersky is much better for home users. These are two legitimate things, and I wish to discuss them more in depth below. But first, let’s examine what the two programs have in common.

Avast has practically 420 , 000, 000 subscribers around the world and just second to Kaspersky, which has more than 400 , 000, 000 subscribers. Kaspersky has been the top rated antivirus remedy available on the market for quite a while and offers consistently rated high in customer satisfaction surveys. Avast also has an extremely user friendly user interface and many experience it does not have sufficient efficiency to keep clients happy. On the other hand, Kaspersky does have its disadvantages such as a not enough screen quality for those who want full cover, but it does have great anti-malware protection with built-in parent controls as well as the option to create a firewall within your network to impose a safe interconnection. So in that , regard, avast is clearly more appropriate for home users or travelers whilst Kaspersky is probably adequate for your business depending on the amount of threat that is posed.

Overall, in my opinion, Avast is clearly the quicker and less complicated way to go in relation to internet security protection, although Kaspersky gives a higher top quality of safeguards if money is no object suitable for you. This argument will go about between a daily user of equally programs and what specific requirements each has to offer. The important thing to consider is that whatever antivirus software program you choose, your computer should be protected from avg ultimate viruses and spyware with a competent software application that you have assessed and which has a good reputation.

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