The Norton antivirus blog page is a person of the extremely visited sites online today. It has been designed and maintained by Keynote Ltd., an IT solutions company based in Britain. A primary reason why it is so popular is due to the excellent content that is created there. Keynote also puts out a free weekly reports update, which you may find by Norton’s internet site. The anti-virus blog copy writer, Kevinoker, possesses covered many areas of interest for computer users, both pc experts and the average person.

The Norton antivirus blog generally delves in topics that are often regarded as controversial. In a single particular content, Kevinoker talks about the the latest case of Linda Ellis, who was hacked into her home computer together each of her personal data stolen. The post as well describes how a computer professional who is employed by Norton motivated that the computer that caused this situation was not even Norton antivirus. This content brought a lot of attention to the Norton brand name, since this is a very very for many users.

Of course , there are times when the Norton antivirus blog page will have a controversial issue, but usually they are edited in a way to help make the reader come to feel more comfortable with using the product. In fact , many readers on this blog believe that Keynote is not for sale, mainly because it is a openly funded provider. However , Norton did sell a version of its antivirus security software software into a company referred to as Mcafee. If you need the latest variant, you will have to order it through Norton. The company does change the computer software quite frequently because it is in demand. Several articles consist of recommendations for diverse versions, such as Grupo.

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